Introducing PowerSwitch 6 

The Next Generation of Solar Loans

Marking Mosaic’s six years as the residential solar finance pioneer, PowerSwitch 6 bundles together new features and loan structures designed to improve solar installers’ cash flow, streamline processing, and lower their customer acquisition costs.

Two Loan Structures to Help Grow Your Business:
PowerSwitch CHOICE and PowerSwitch PLUS

The PowerSwitch 6 suite offers two loan structures: PowerSwitch CHOICE and PowerSwitch PLUS. PowerSwitch CHOICE is ideal for customers looking to add solar or solar and batteries to their home and take advantage of using the Federal ITC. PowerSwitch PLUS provides a loan amortization schedule designed for customers who don’t expect to receive a tax credit or who want to re-roof or make other energy efficiency improvements on their home at the same time as adding solar or solar and batteries. Both structures include the following features:

Household Income

Enable homeowners to use total household income to qualify for a loan

Earlier Disbursements

Receive final loan disbursement earlier, helping to improve cash flow

Daily Funding

Improve cashflow with funds disbursed on a daily basis

Simpler Milestones

Easy milestone evidence for faster disbursements

Soft Credit Check

Pre-qualify homeowners with soft credit checks early in the process

Experience Counts

Mosaic Sets the Bar for Home Solar Loans

As the leading, most respected loan provider in residential solar, we see it as our responsibility to set the standard for financially sustainable products that inspire the whole industry.