Financing for Solar and Batteries + Home Upgrades

PowerSwitch CHOICE

PowerSwitch Choice Product Page Solar

For homeowners wanting to add solar energy systems and/or battery storage to their home and have the CHOICE to take advantage of the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit.

The CHOICE product has an amortization schedule designed for homeowners planning to pay down at least 26% (potentially received by the Solar Investment Tax Credit or other funds) in the first 18 months. After month 18, payments are adjusted higher if less than 26% is paid, or lower if more than 26% has been paid.

PowerSwitch PLUS

PowerSwitch Plus Product Page Couple

For homeowners wanting to add solar energy projects, PLUS make other improvements, like upgrading their HVAC unit, roof, doors, windows + more at the same time.

The PLUS product’s standard monthly payments remain the same with a one-time reamortization occurring at month 18. This is perfect for homeowners who don’t plan on receiving the Solar Investment Tax Credit. Using extra funds to pay down the loan before month 18, however, will result in an adjusted lower monthly payment for the duration of the loan.

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PowerSwitch CHOICE & PLUS Features + Benefits

Total Household Income

Enable homeowners to use total household income to qualify

Battery-Only Solar Loans

Battery-only loans available, regardless of an existing solar loan

Loans for Projects on Second Homes

Includes projects on second homes, vacation homes, and rental properties

Second Solar Loans

Includes battery only, system only, or battery+system for primary or second home

Soft Credit Check

Instant pre-approval decisions with soft credit checks early in the process

Add Re-Roofing

Bundle up to half of a new roof with solar on the same loan

Daily Funding

Next-day funding and staged funding to get paid faster

Switchback Guarantee

If a competitor approves a Mosaic-declined homeowner on the same day

How are the CHOICE & PLUS Loan Structures Different?

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Mosaic Contractor Partners get access to a wealth of sales tools in the Solar Partner Portal, including our Resource Center, which provides training and info to help you close more deals.

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Designed with you in mind, our Solar Partner Portal delivers a convenient and user-friendly experience to simplify and speed up the sales and financing processes.