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Helping Your Customers Save Money

Solar Mosaic offers choices for solar financing. One loan is structured so that the monthly payment is lower than their existing electricity bill. The average Mosaic customer saves $30,550* over the life of the solar energy system, sometimes starting right from the time the system is energized. And when the homeowner owns their system, they claim all the savings, from the federal tax credit to any state or local incentives.

*Savings are based on savings of Mosaic borrowers between 11/3/2014 – 9/30/16 using our 20 year choice rate loan product. Savings depend on credit profile, timely monthly payments and making the prepayment target. Savings are calculated by (Electricity bill before solar) – (Bill after solar + Mosaic loan payment). Savings may vary above or below the average rate based on geography and weather variability particular to your jurisdiction. We assume a solar panel life span of 30 years, a decline in panel production of 0.5% per year, inverter replacements at years 10 and 20, and retail electricity rates increasing 2.18% per year (National average utility bill increase of 2.18% based on EIA data for the last reported 20 years, nationally (1997-2017).