Mosaic Brand Standards

Stay up-to-date with Mosaic brand guidelines, and help us maintain a clean brand reputation.

Help keep our brand 100% clean.

These brand standards are designed to provide an overarching framework for developing communications that feature and/or include Mosaic. Please follow these standards to help us ensure that Mosaic maintains a consistent, compelling, and memorable brand.

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One click gets you Mosaic logos and instructions on how to use our assets properly, from details on our color palette to correct use of our logo by itself and/or with a partner logo.

Logo Standards at a Glance

Following this simple checklist is a quick way to maintain Mosaic brand standards.

Do allow enough clear space around the Mosaic logo to give it a clean, uncluttered look. Use the symbol height as a guide.

Do Maintain the size, shape, and proportion of all Mosaic’s brand assets.

Do reproduce assets at a legible size, with a minimum size of .75 inches or 54 pixels.

Don’t Modify brand assets, including logo design and colors.

Do not use trademarks, names, domain names, logos or other content that imitates or could be confused with Mosaic.

Do not use any icons, images, or trademarks to represent Mosaic other than what’s supplied in our Brand Assets.

Mosaic Brand Standards

Use the right Pantone or HEX hue to show our best (and most accurate) colors.





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